What can
we do?

We can develop and scan any of your photographic films in every format available, in C41, E6, ECN2 and black and white!
Whether you want to cross process your E6 slides into C41, shoot a Colorplus 200 at 1600 ISO or a Delta 3200 at 25000 ISO, or do a pinhole camera with the last can you opened, you can trust us to help!
We're not sure we can accommodate your every request, but how do you know if you don't ask first?

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We develop them

We can develop your films in any format from 8mm (photo format only, not video reels) onwards, obviously including 35mm, 120 and 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 plates!
For black and white you can choose your favorite from different developments, or alternatively ask us for advice.
The push and pull service (the so-called pulls) up to 3 stops is included in the price, as is the cross-process. We are also able to process cinematographic films (such as Kodak Vision3), with or without Remjet, in ECN2 chemistry.
If you have special requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

We scan them

With our Fujifilm SP3000 we can scan entire rolls of film of different formats, from 35mm to 120/220, up to a resolution of 50 megapixels, yes, you understood correctly, thanks to a software developed by us we are the only ones capable of reaching the resolution of 50 megapixels per frame even with our SP3000.
We also have our trusty Penguins, two Purup-Eskofot Scanmate F6 and F14 capable of providing scans at 16bit/ch and up to a resolution of 200MP per frame.
For the most demanding, our drum scanner Dainippo Screen SG-8060P allows you to obtain 16bit scans at up to 12000 DPI from originals (opaque and transparent) of dimensions up to 50x60cm.

We print them

We work together with the state of the art printers in Milano hinterland to offer you high-quality prints at affordable prices.
We can make you chemical RA4 prints from 10x15cm up to 30x45cm, or use fine-art Epson inkjet plotters to produce huge fine art prints up to 100cm (short side) on several different selected papers.

How do I
my rolls?

You can come and visit us in our lab, or you can send all your films via post/courier attaching a specific order form which you will have to fill out and attach to the package.
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