What can
we do?

Whether you want to cross-process your E6 slide film in C41, push a Colorplus to 1600 ISO or make a pinhole camera with the last coke can you just opened, we're here to help.
We're not sure we can satisfy all your requests, but how do you know if you don't ask?

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We develop them

We develop rolls from 35mm to 120/220 format (no, we won't make you pay any extra fee for format greater or smaller than 35mm), whether they are C41 (color negative) or black and white.
For black and white films you can choose between many different developers or aks us for a hint. Cross process, push and pull up to +/-3 stops are all included in the price. We can also develop motion picture color negative film (like Kodak Vision) in C41 chemistry, but only up to the length of a regular roll.

We scan them

Using our Fujifilm SP3000 we can scan entire rolls of different formats ranging from 35mm up to 120/220 with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels. Thanks to our custom made software we are the only lab in the world which can manage to reach the resolution of 50 megapixels for single frames.
If you feel you need more we can offer you a scan service with our ScanMate 5000 drum scanner, with which you will get your hands on fantastic scans up to 5000 DPI optical resolution and 12 bit of color depth, for all the film formats ranging from 35mm up to 20x30cm (roughly 7.8"x11.8").

We print them

We work together with the state of the art printers in Milano hinterland to offer you high-quality prints at affordable prices.
We can make you chemical RA4 prints from 10x15cm up to 30x45cm, or use fine-art Epson inkjet plotters to produce huge fine art prints up to 100cm (short side) on several different selected papers.

How do I
my rolls?

You can Send us your filmss using the courier of your choice by putting inside the box a form that you have to print and fill in with all the requested data: by clicking on the button below can find all the info you need!
Our lab is not open to the public yet, but you can come and make a visit if you wish, just send us an email.